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Prevent Fraud. Protect Financial Transactions.

Create secure, verified communities to prevent fraud, provide confidentiality, and automate financial transactions.

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Why Verification is Important

While cyber attacks are a constant threat, impersonation remains one of the most prolific forms of fraud. In the US alone, billions of dollars of fraudulent losses have been incurred by participants in M&A and real estate transactions, customers of financial institutions, investors, and other high value targets.

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WireSecure provides an intuitive method of creating secure communities where each participant’s identity and financial information is verified and protected.

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Private Markets Communities

For those who regularly exchange funds or confidential information — Private Equity firms, their LP’s, Financial firms, and their high-value customers to name a few — WireSecure preserves Private Markets Communities.

M&A Communities

For those engaged in a one-time exchange of funds or confidential information such as M&A deals, real estate transactions, and syndicated loans, WireSecure safeguards M&A Communities.

Creating a Secure Community

secure community
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    An Invite-Only Secure Community

    Custom invitations and permissions protect customers, investors, partners, and other providers.

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    Identity Verification for Individuals and Businesses

    Integrations with 50+ trusted data sources ensure that counterparties are who they claim to be.

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Who benefits from WireSecure?

Protecting Financial Communities from Impersonator Fraud

  • Private Equity
  • Investment Banking
  • Law Firms
  • Real Estate Professionals

WireSecure creates secure communities to prevent email impersonator fraud and allows the secure authenticated exchange of financial information.  Contact us and be part of a secure community today!

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Create a secure community where exchanging funds or sensitive information is easier, faster, and safer.

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