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How WireSecure Email ID Verify Works

With WireSecure Email ID Verify you can quickly verify the identity of anyone who sends you an email. Just forward any email you receive to WireSecure, and the sender is asked to confirm their identity using a process that takes <2 minutes.

As soon as they confirm their identity, you get a verification email.

It’s a perfect way to make sure a request for wire instructions, to sign a document, or anything else is genuine.


You receive an email involving a financial transaction or sensitive information


You forward the email to WireSecure, and the sender is asked to verify their identity.


The sender verifies their identity in 3 steps in < 60 seconds.


You receive confirmation when verification is complete.

Start Verifying Today

Email impersonation fraud happens every day, but your only option has been to ‘be careful’. How exactly are you supposed to do that?

WireSecure gives you an actionable option you can take any time an email is important or suspicious.

Here's How:

First, Sign up for your free account.

Then, simply forward any email you want to verify to ‘’.

The sender will get a friendly request to confirm their identity. When they finish, you’ll get an email confirmation of their verification.

It's Free (for now)

During this introductory period, there is no charge for our ID verification. So go ahead and verify anytime you feel the need.

Gmail and Outlook Add-Ins Available

To make requesting verification even easier, we have add-ins for Gmail and Outlook. Instructions for installing these add-ins can be found here.

Watch this video to see how easy our Gmail or Outlook add-in makes ID verification.

Learn More

Checkout our FAQ.

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