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See How WireSecure Works

WireSecure uses best in class identity verification designed to fit into your existing workflow and applications you use today.

Step One

You receive an email from a counter-party involving a financial transaction or sensitive information

Step Two

You respond with a WireSecure link via email or SMS requesting the sender to verify their identity

3 easy steps
Step Three

Sender follows 3 easy steps to verify their identity in less than 60 seconds

Step Four

You receive confirmation when Identity Verification completes.

How does WireSecure verify identities?

  • WireSecure incorporates facial recognition, AI, and runs users information through multiple public and private data sources.

  • All associated phone numbers and email addresses are checked against blacklists and lists of compromised accounts/SIM cards.

  • The device used to access WireSecure is fingerprinted and checked against blacklists and validated as legitimate.

  • Geolocation is logged to use as a reference in future requests.

Easily integrate WireSecure APIs with your current applications.

WireSecure offers APIs that allow for integration with email, Excel, portals, and core applications. WireSecure provides a full audit trail on all verification requests and results supporting audits and compliance reporting.

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