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Whether they’re ongoing exchanges or one-time transactions, they’re easier and more secure with Wiresecure.

Engineered by payment and security experts and integrated with over 50 public and private data sources, WireSecure provides an intuitive means to create and manage secure communities. These communities comprise individuals and businesses whose identity and financial information are verified, tokenized, and remain protected.

    We will not use or share your information for subscription based email lists, etc.

    Traditional Communication is Not Secure.

    Phone calls and emails were never designed for security and confidentiality, yet they are often the first step in an exchange of funds or highly sensitive information. Combined with manual and repetitive processes, this makes current means of transactions highly susceptible to compromise and fraud.

    WireSecure is here to change that with a method of exchange and communication that is easier, more secure, and more efficient.

    • 01

      An Invite-Only
Secure Community

      Custom invitations and permissions protect customers, investors, partners, and other providers.

    • 02

      Identity Verification for Individuals and Businesses

      Integrations with 50+ trusted data sources ensure that counterparties are who they claim to be.

    • 03

      Financial Verification

      Financial information is verified and tokenized but never stored, minimizing the risk of compromise.

    • 04

      Transaction Management

      Seamlessly integrating into existing systems, WireSecure automates soliciting, validating, and transcribing financial information.

    • 05

      Wire Instruction Generation

      WireSecure can create ACH, Fedwire, SWIFT or Check formatted instructions with absolutely zero manual data entry.

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