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Why WireSecure

WireSecure Enables Seamless and Secure Financial Communities

Persistent Communities

Secure communities in which members regularly exchange confidential information and/or have a financial relationship that includes repeatedly sending or receiving funds.

Transaction Communities

Secure communities in which participants are joined for a single exchange of funds and/or confidential and sensitive information.

Whether they’re ongoing exchanges or one-time transactions, they’re easier and more secure with Wiresecure.

Engineered by payment and security experts and integrated with more than 50 data sources, WireSecure provides an intuitive means to create and manage secure communities. These communities comprise individuals and businesses whose identity and financial information are verified, tokenized, and remain protected.

Traditional Communication is Not Secure.

See How We're Fixing It

Phone calls and emails were never designed for security and confidentiality, yet they are often the first step in an exchange of funds or highly sensitive information. Combined with manual and repetitive processes, this makes current means of transactions highly susceptible to compromise and fraud.

WireSecure is here to change that with a method of exchange and communication that is easier, more secure, and more efficient.

We understand financial communities and fit into existing workflows seamlessly.

WireSecure easily integrates with core systems and common applications like Excel, eliminating the need for onboarding and additional training. Established workflows only become more efficient, as manual tasks like obtaining, validating and transcribing account information and generating wire instructions become automated.

  • 01

    Risk Tier 1

    Employees and certain low risk participants don’t need to do anything other than verify their mobile number. This is useful for entities who are not providing any banking information or receiving funds.
  • 02

    Risk Tier 2

    Certain participants may be unknown to you and receiving a very small amount of money. This tier provides additional verification while still allowing for quick and easy onboarding.
  • 03

    Risk Tier 3

    WireSecure leverages data from public and private data sources as well as the latest and greatest in identity verification for when you want to be absolutely certain that you are communicating with the intended entity.

Choose your level of risk assessment and verification.

Low risk participants and people in your organization can get by with just a quick phone check while parties unknown to you can receive a more thorough vetting. By selecting the ID verification level for each participant, you will always know that you are communicating with the intended entity.

24/7 Support

Behind WireSecure’s technology is a team of financial experts, cryptographers, and engineers who are here to help and answer questions when needed.

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